Your Mind is Powerful

Your Mind Is More Powerful Than You Can Imagine!

Our minds are one of the most powerful forces in the entire universe. If we truly realized the power that is inside of us we would be much more careful about how we choose our thoughts. The things that we focus on, the thoughts we have, and the feelings that we put out all affect the reality that is around us. If you are a negative person then you will only see negative things in the world. If you are a positive person then you will see the benefit of all things in the world. But what is even more amazing is that the way we see the world is the way the world shapes itself around us. Have you ever noticed those who talk about sickness are the one's who are always sick. Those who talk about poverty are always poor. The one's who talk about health and happiness are usually the ones who are the healthiest and happiest. This isn't just a coincidence. We shape and change our world by how we view it. If you want to change something in your life then you must change the way of thinking that is creating that situation. IF you don't believe that you hold the power to create your own reality then I want you to do a little experiment. Stop all your thoughts for a moment and focus on exactly where you are at in life right now. What house are you living in? Where do you go to work each day? Who are you married to? Where do you live? What friends do you have? Now look at your past and think of all the small events that led you to where you are today. What actions did you take that got you where you are at? If you notice, just a small shift in something could completely change your entire life. Now what if you "thought" differently in each of those events? What if you were a different person, how would you react differently and how would that change your life today? If you really conduct this experiment and dig deep, paying attention to the details, you will quickly realize that if you had a different perspective on the world then you would be living a completely different life. Now the next big question. What thoughts do you currently hold that is shaping the events of your life in the future? If you realize the implementations of this, you should quickly take an inventory of all your thoughts and change the ones that do not mach the future you want to create. Here is an amazing interview with Gregg Braden which everyone should watch:

As Gregg had said in this video, one of the best ways to change your reality is through affirmations. But the words themselves do not hold any power. It's the feelings that are put into the words. You can tell yourself till your blue in the face "I am a millionaire!" But if you do not believe it, or you do not put the emotion of being a millionaire into it, then it will not work. Use the power of your mind wisely, because if you don't, you will unconsciously create things in life that you do not want. [fbcomments]
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