Aura Viewing IsoBeats

Aura Viewing IsoBeats

Aura Viewing is the ability to see the human aura which is a reflection of life energies within the human body. A person’s emotions, health, mental status, and spiritual development are all presented within their aura. Learn to see this spiritual energy emitting  from all humans with our Aura Viewing IsoBeats.



Discover the power behind the guiding light that surrounds all beings.

Learn to view the spiritual energies that exist all around you giving you insight into a world that few can perceive.

Women with Aura Colors Around HerAura viewing is important in developing psychic abilities because it allows us to fine tune our senses to bands of energy which is beyond what is normally perceived. It’s a skill that develops an individuals clairvoyance and intuition abilities.

Aura viewing can be useful in many practical applications. You can identify the development or health of an individual, use your skill to reinforce intuitive hunches you had about someone’s personality allowing you to give more accurate advise and guidance, and even use it as a gauge to measure your own psychic and spiritual development as it progresses.

The aura is an energy field that surrounds our body, and as one continues to develop one’s skills in working more deeply to gain understanding of subtle energies, aura viewing becomes a critical tool.

Your aura is a three-dimensional field of energy, seen as a fine, pale, luminous radiance, that is distinctly fluid in behavior and appearance. This energy surrounds your body in all directions and although you might not be able to see it yet, this does not mean that it does not exist.

Everyone has the ability to see aura’s and with a little practice you will be amazed at how easily you can see aura’s all around you.

There is however a key principle of understanding which many people do not seem to know or understand. You will only be able to see the highest color of your own development, no matter whose aura you read. Therefore you can only truly read those auras which are less developed than your own.

In the physical realm energy is everywhere but it is expressed through consciousness. Therefore, higher energy vibrations require higher levels of consciousness to view them. If you have not yet reached a specific level of consciousness then you will not be able to perceive levels of energy beyond your own development.

That’s why not only do our Aura Viewing IsoBeats entrain your brainwaves to reach optimum frequencies for intuitively reading auras, they also raise your level of consciousness allowing you to perceive higher forms of energy that is beyond your normal perception range. They will put you in the most favorable state needed to be successful at viewing these subtle energies.

Once you reach the level of consciousness required you will be able to view the entire spectrum and thus will see all colors in the aura regardless of the development of the individual. Get your Aura Viewing IsoBeats today and start becoming aware of the natural spiritual energy that exists all around us.



30 Minutes


Learn to see the natural spiritual energy that exists all around us called auras.

How it Works:

Each day we go through different brainwave frequency cycles that affects our consciousness. IsoBeats are a unique form of brainwave entrainment that combines two powerful tools known as binaural beats and isochronic tones to influence these brainwave frequencies allowing us to control our conscious experience. Binaural Beats – These work by playing two separate frequencies in each ear. The difference between the two frequencies is what the brain entrains to, e.g., if you play 200.10Hz in your left ear and 206.40Hz in your right ear then your brain will begin to resonate at 6.3Hz which is in the Theta frequency range. Isochronic Tones – These work by emitting sound at regular intervals. This excites the thalamus and causes the brain to duplicate the frequency of the tones, changing the minds thought patterns. IsoBeats – IsoBeats combine these two powerful technologies to create the ultimate personal and spiritual development tool.

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Listening Instructions

Attempting to view the aura is best done in an environment where there is no bright lights, nor lighting that is too dim. A soft lit room that has white walls will work the best. It’s also important to approach the viewing of auras with the proper attitude. This is not something that you “work at” or concentrate on. The gaze must be soft as though you were looking at something off-center or with the eyes slightly out of focus. Instead of reaching out to notice detail, relax your eyes and allow whatever information that wants to come in to just come.

Before attempting to view an aura, throw on some headphones and listen to the Aura Viewing IsoBeats which will entrain your brainwaves to the optimum frequency. Relax to the sounds and clear all thoughts from your mind during the first 10 minutes, after this you can then go on to perform the exercise below while still listening to the IsoBeats.

  1. Find a willing subject and sit them in front of a white background
  2. Position yourself about 6 feet away from them
  3. Focus on a singular point on the middle of their forehead and look at nothing else (It works best to draw a dot or tape something in between their eyes to give you a point to focus on.)
  4. As you stare at this point on their forehead use your peripheral vision to look past them
  5. Do not shift your focus or move your eyes from this point until you begin to see the aura take on its form

If you do not have anyone around to practice this aura viewing exercise then you can also do it on yourself in front of a mirror.

Keep practicing this exercise until you can do it quickly and naturally. Within no time you will be able to view people’s auras effortlessly in any situation without even having to think about.

Here are some tips to remember when attempting aura viewing:

  • Auras cannot be seen with the physical eyes but must be viewed with the “inner eye.”
  • Do not force it or over concentrate
  • Relax your eyes and allow them to get out of focus rather than directly staring
  • In order to avoid the afterimage trap have your friends wear white
  • Look for subtle color impressions rather than solid or vivid colors
  • Everyone’s aura is different
  • Don’t try too hard or for too long as you will get tired
  • A persons aura depends on their state of relaxation, get your subject to breathe in and out deeply and see the difference
  • The more you practice the easier it will become