Astral Projection IsoBeats

Astral Projection IsoBeats

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience in which a person shifts their conscious awareness from their physical body to their astral body. It’s becoming one with our true essence of being. We are not physical bodies stuck in this physical realm but spiritual beings capable of things beyond our wildest imagination. Learn to explore this realm with Astral Projection IsoBeats.



Learn how to leave your body and enjoy one of the greatest spiritual experiences you can have.

Travel on a journey far from the physical and explore the spiritual planes of existence.

Astral ProjectionWhen we shift our consciousness to our astral bodies we are able to explore the physical realm, the astral plane, and other planes of existence. We can interact with spirits and other entities, deceased friends and family, spirit guides and teachers, and other high vibrational people from the physical. We can even meet what some refer to as, ‘our higher self.’

Astral projection expands our perspective and awareness of the universe. It allows us to see who we truly are as spiritual beings and discover our purpose as individuals. Experiencing astral projection can answer many of life’s greatest questions such as, “where did we come from?” or “what happens to our soul when we die?”

Spiritually speaking, astral projection is one of the hardest skills to master. It requires the ability to make your body completely fall asleep while keeping your mind wide awake. This is called the hypnagogia state.

There are many techniques to reaching this hypnagogia state such as meditation practices and energy work, but most take months, if not years to master causing astral projection to only be obtained by a few dedicated and persistent practitioners.

But astral projection doesn’t have to be this hard…

Astral projection is a natural phenomenon. It’s in our very nature to easily be able to reach the spiritual realm. It’s only difficult because after years of indoctrinated beliefs and physical desires, we are trying to loosen the physical attachment to this realm and get back to our natural essence. Our ego, self-inflicted concepts, and lifestyles get in the way of this process. We usually give up and fail before ever experiencing our first successful projection.

Easily astral project with our advance form of brainwave entrainmentWith the technology that exists today, special tools can help aid us throughout the entire process making it much easier. Our Astral Projection IsoBeats are designed to naturally guide your brainwaves into the lower frequencies required to reach the hypnagogia state so that you can easily be successful at projecting. Go on a journey and explore the astral realm today with our powerful IsoBeats!


30 Minutes


Separate your consciousness from your physical body into your astral body allowing you to explore the spiritual realm.

How it Works:

Each day we go through different brainwave frequency cycles that affects our consciousness. IsoBeats are a unique form of brainwave entrainment that combines two powerful tools known as binaural beats and isochronic tones to influence these brainwave frequencies allowing us to control our conscious experience. Binaural Beats – These work by playing two separate frequencies in each ear. The difference between the two frequencies is what the brain entrains to, e.g., if you play 200.10Hz in your left ear and 206.40Hz in your right ear then your brain will begin to resonate at 6.3Hz which is in the Theta frequency range. Isochronic Tones – These work by emitting sound at regular intervals. This excites the thalamus and causes the brain to duplicate the frequency of the tones, changing the minds thought patterns. IsoBeats – IsoBeats combine these two powerful technologies to create the ultimate personal and spiritual development tool.

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Listening Instructions

To astral project, as with all out-of-body experiences, one must feel totally relaxed, clothing fitting comfortable, reclining is best. Often a comforter is best over the body as the physical body sometimes gets cold when you travel out.

The most effective time to use Astral Projection IsoBeats is early in the morning after you wake up or in the middle of the day if you have time to take a nap. You can use it whenever but these times will produce the best results.

Lie down in a comfortable position and put on some headphones. Try to focus on nothing but the sounds of the recording and completely relax your body. Once you start to feel vibrations pulsing and your whole body is completely numb, you have entered the hypnagogia state and are ready to initiate the separation process.

Now that you’ve gotten this far it’s time to get out. Here are a few techniques in order to do this:

  • Getting Lighter – Imagine yourself becoming light as a feather and floating out of your body.
  • Roll Out Method – Take your astral body and roll out with it as if you were rolling out of bed.
  • Rope Technique – Imagine a rope hanging from your ceiling and grab it with your astral arms to pull yourself out.
  • Visualization – Visualize yourself standing about 5 feet away from your body. Try to focus on this visualization until you separate.
  • Will Power – With a little practice you can basically will yourself out of your body.

There are many more techniques for astral projection but these are the easiest. As long as you can remain in the vibrational state, which IsoBeats help us accomplish, you should have no problem projecting.

Practice daily for best results.