The Founder and Creator of IsoBeats

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the vision and dedication of our founder Andrew Manley. As a meditation expert and self-improvement junkie, Andrew has been on a dedicated path of personal and spiritual development since his early 20’s. Here is a word from him :

” The concept of IsoBeats started from me looking for a way to improve my own meditations and states of consciousness. I had been using brainwave entrainment for years and found that most of the sites online where selling really low quality stuff. I knew brainwave entrainment worked because I had some profound experiences with them, but it was always hard to find sites that actually offered high quality recordings. That’s when I decided to start making my own.

I ended up making hundreds of recordings and each time I would get better and better at it and they would become more and more effective. As I began experimenting with different tones and frequencies, I learned that when I combined binaural beats with isochronic tones the effects of the entrainment process were almost compounded. I started showing some of my friends and family and they loved them so much they wanted me to start making custom recordings for their own personal needs. That was when I realized that I could actually use my knowledge of brainwave entrainment to help people and so I decided to devote my time and energy into what I called IsoBeats.

I hope that all of you enjoy using IsoBeats as much as I have and that they make a significant improvement in your life. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you how much our recordings have improved your life.”